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Sister Wives: Tragic Details About Christine Brown’s Miscarriage Leaves Fans Heartbroken!


Christine Brown has become one of the most famous Sister Wives castmates. She was the first one to break out from the shackles of Kody’s plural marriage. After being single for a year, she dived into the dating pool and began a new relationship with David Woolley. They are all set to tie the knot again. However, things had not been all sunshine and happiness for Christine before. Her daughter Gwen spoke up about her mother’s miscarriage on her social media.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Tragic Miscarriage Story Resurfaces!

Christine Brown has been the center of attention for a long time. The Sister Wives fanbase is really happy for her finally finding her happily ever after. She is all set to tie the knot with her boyfriend, David Woolley, this year. But something tragic resurfaced from her past. Christine’s daughter Gwen has been reviewing the Sister Wives episodes on her youtube channel. Well, she saw a few episodes from the first season, which had details about Christine’s miscarriage. Unfortunately, Gwendlyn’s mother lost one of her babies before giving birth to Truely, her youngest daughter.

Gwen revealed some horrific yet tragic details about this loss. She stated that the family decided to bury the stillborn baby in the backyard of their house. They also covered the departed soul with rocks to keep the dogs away. This information was alarming for fans, and they took to Reddit to discuss this. Many fans said that in the case of “home births,” there are very limited options when one suffers from miscarriages. Well, the practice is more common than one can imagine. In fact, burying a stillborn is also legal in a lot of states. Christine admitted in the show many years ago that it was a difficult time for her, and fans seemed to agree with that. Their heart went out to Christine.


Sister Wives: Christine Had A Near Death Experience While Giving Birth!

Christine Brown opened up about a very tough phase in her life when filming for Sister Wives Season 1. Before having her sixth child, Truely, she had a miscarriage. But back when she was pregnant, she had gone for a check-up. That’s because the castmate was worried she might have health complications because of her. Back then, she was 37 years old. Apparently, Christine had “hemorrhaged” during the delivery and also passed out. She didn’t know if her body was okay at the time of filming.

Christine’s fellow sister, wife, and friend Janelle also recounted that incident in the episode. She stated that the mother had gotten up in the “middle of the night” and hemorrhaged. Janelle called the entire experience scary and suspected the family member would have “died,” too. She also stated that the family had once tried to hear the heartbeat, and it wasn’t there. A few days after this, Christine lost the baby. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives updates.


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