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Sister Wives: Gwen Slams Producers For Exploiting Her Sexuality — Disappointed!


Gwen Brown is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite member of the plural family. This Sister Wives supporting castmate showcased a whole new side of herself last year. She began a Youtube channel reviewing her family’s show and proving her bitter, harsh opinions. Gwendlyn has also admitted that the show is scripted “partially.” Now, she accused the network of exploring her and her sexuality in front of their cameras!

Sister Wives: Gwen Comes At TLC For Making Her Talk About Her Sexuality!

Gwen Brown has a Youtube channel where she has been speaking about the truths regarding her plural family. She has been successful in revealing the things TLC hasn’t captured on screens. Hence, the Sister Wives fanbase has a newfound respect for her. In her latest video, Gwen talked about something uncomfortable. She admitted that when she discussed her sexuality in the latest season, the celebrity was not all the way comfortable. That’s because she was under the impression that getting to talk about her parents’ divorce. Gwendlyn came out as a bisexual woman way back in 2020.

However, Gwen accused the crew of “exploiting” her. That’s because before the camera started rolling, they told her to talk about her sexuality instead of the divorce. That’s why the castmate looked angry during her confessional. At the same time, TLC also urged the youngster to also mention she is autistic. Well, all these things made Gwen feel like the show is waiting to feed on such things so that they get high ratings. She unabashedly said that the producers must have thought, “Oh, another queer,” before asking her to talk about being bisexual.


Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Outs Robyn For Making Her Hide Her Sexuality!

It is a known fact that many plural family members don’t like Robyn Brown. Well, add Christine’s daughter, Gwen, to that list too. In one of her interactive videos, she didn’t hold back from revealing the fourth wife’s dark truth. Apparently, the side castmate had come out to her family back when she was 18. Almost everyone was warm and welcoming toward her. Her mother, Christine, knew all along and proudly identified herself as an ally. But Robyn Brown had an alarming reaction to this news. Robyn advised Gwen not to go public with her sexuality. She said so so that the youngster could “save it for the cameras.”

The 21-year-old was shocked at this revelation. Gwen found it very disrespectful as her sexuality is very personal to her, and the star wanted Gwen to use that information for TV. But the latter didn’t pay heed to Robyn’s word as she came out on Twitter in 2020 by changing her bio to being a “raging bisexual.” Fans began to slam Robyn again for her toxicity and deduced she was worse off cameras. But Gwen has been comfortable enough to voice her experiences on social media, and fans have been admiring her immensely. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives updates.


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