As Yellowstone Problems Continue, Star Cole Hauser Is Celebrating His New Job


Things have been pretty hectic and all over the place for Yellowstone’s cast and crew in recent months, thanks to all the rumors and reports about behind-the-scenes turmoil supposedly happening between Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan. At least some of that dust has settled, so to speak, with Paramount Network confirming that the show is ending after the remaining Season 5 episodes air in November, with a new sequel spinoff to debut a month later. Amidst all the back-and-forth, many of the show’s core stars kept mum about the drama, presumably not wanting to incite further chaos. But one cast member took on a new gig that relied entirely on using their familiar voice in a big way, with Cole Hauser lending his dulcet tones to serve as the new spokesperson for Coors  now serving as a spokesperson for Coors!

As fans wait for his character Rip to return to our lives, Hauser shared his first ad as the voice of Coors Banquet for its gobsmacking 150th anniversary. (Which probably means somebody needs to go back into the prequel 1883 and CGI a bunch of Coors cans all over the place.) The actor took to Instagram to share the new commercial, which can be watched below.



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As the beloved Yellowstone character Rip Wheeler, Cole Hauser reestablished himself as an on-screen badass, even if he inevitably loses the facial hair and the dye jobs between seasons. But even if Rip would shave his head and dress like a clown, I’m pretty sure nobody could successfully troll him without getting their jaw knocked into the middle of next week. And I’m not sure if that specifically serves as a qualification for landing a Coors campaign, but it probably didn’t hurt. (Well, except for that hypothetical person’s jaw.)

I’m admittedly a sucker for anyone who pronounces the word “hundred” as “hunnert,” such as Hauser does in saying “the same brewing tradition that started a hunnert-n-fifty years ago.” It kinda sounds like he’d already tossed a few of those 12 ozs back during the recording process, even if that likely wasn’t the case at all. I’m just saying, if anyone who’s in charge of hiring Olympics announcers wants to put the Yellowstone

 star in charge of handling 100-meter relays and the like, I’m here for it.

Amusingly enough, he pronounces it a little differently in the spot shared by Coors itself, as seen and heard below.

Coors clearly knows what kind of audience it’s angling for with its ad campaigns, and the Yellowstone fandom is a sizable part of it. Let’s not forget that the company also relied on the unmistakable voice of 1883 star Sam Elliott previously. Should we expect Luke Grimes to take over the gig next? Or maybe they could use Kelly Reilly to bring some edgy feminine energy to the ads.

Cole Hauser has remained largely out of the spotlight recently, and was among the many Yellowstone stars who shockingly bailed on a PaleyFest panel in April that was meant to be fully stocked. It’s unclear exactly when the cast will all be returning to Montana to film the final six episodes of the hugely popular western drama, especially since Kevin Costner is reportedly in the midst of filming the second entry in his four-part Horizon feature saga. But you can bet when it happens, fan will be slamming Coors cans together for beers and cheers.

Interestingly enough, Coors will be holding a street festival in Golden, Colorado in September to celebrate its 150-year anniversary, which will include live musical performances. Should we expect to see Yellowstone‘s country crooners Ryan Bingham and Luke Grimes as part of the lineup?


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