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Sister Wives: Paedon Savagely Mocks Mom Christine’s Fiance David Woolley In Explosive Rant!


Paedon Brown, the only son of Sister Wives Christine Brown, has blasted a withering attack on his mom’s new boyfriend, David Woolley. In a shocking TikTok video, the 24-year-old expressed his immense dissatisfaction with his mother’s new relationship. Christine and David started dating after she divorced her ex-husband Kody back in 2021. Their son has often conveyed his views about his mom “moving too fast” in her new relationship. Paedon also admitted that he would “never be close” with David. The video sparked mixed reactions from fans and followers, who either supported Paedon or criticized him.

Sister Wives: Paedon Brown Slams His Stepdad As “Standoffish” In Tiktok Live!

Sister Wives celeb Paedon Brown has been vocal about his feelings about the family for the past couple of years. So, he didn’t shy away from showing concern toward his mom’s new love, David Woolley. The celebrity has been estranged from his father, Kody, since his parents split in November 2021. Recently, Christine’s son shared his opinion on his mother’s relationship with David and their engagement. In a TikTok Live, Paedon opened up about his displeasure. He says that his mom is “rushing” her relationship.

Later, Paedon also shared his perspective on David as well. The celebrity compared him with “The Guy From Up” and mentioned his stepdad as “Squeaky Voice.” Paedon also thinks he and Woolley are both “Standoffish,” and they never will be close. He being cutthroat, clearly stated that both of them had a lot of experiences, but his displeasure will never be violent. In the end, Brown also appreciated David and said that he was a “wonderful guy.” Fans and followers reacted differently to Paedon’s video, with some supporting him and others criticizing him for insulting his mother’s happiness.


Sister Wives: The Feud Continues! Paedon Admits Publicly That He’d Never Be Close With David!

Sister Wives stars Christine and Kody’s son Paedon is always in talks among his viewers for his no-holding-back attitude. Recently the celebrity went on a TikTok candid where he spoke some cold-cut truths about his step-dad-to-be, and fans are shocked! He shared his true feelings and said he would never be close to David. Paedon also thinks they both are “Standoffish” and carry a lot of experiences. The 24-year-old also stated that his dislike would never turn into violence as they both are mature enough.

Later, he added how all these expressions would not be a problem in the family. This is because his mother, Christine, was also not very close with her own stepdad. Sister Wives viewers took to social media to express their feelings about Paedon’s statement about his mother’s fiance. Some people agreed and praised him for being honest and supportive of his mother. Some followers, on the other hand, blasted Paedon, accusing him of being disrespectful and insensitive to his mother’s happiness. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more exciting news updates.


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