Wes Bentley Is ‘Open’ To Continue on the Upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff as Long as Taylor Sheridan Has a Story Where Jamie ‘ Fits In’


Wes Bentley’s journey on Yellowstone is coming to an end with the concluding half of season 5 later this year. But the actor is keen to extend his character’s narrative beyond season 5.

Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton in the show, is open to continuing his character’s narrative in Taylor Sheridan’s forthcoming spinoff. The only stipulation is whether Sheridan can weave a narrative where Jamie seamlessly ‘fits in.’

Wes Bentley is open to staying in Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Yellowstone’ universe under one condition

After the triumph of Yellowstone , Sheridan introduced several prequels in the same world. With the main saga nearing its conclusion, the series creator has grand designs for a follow-up.

The sequel to Yellowstone , which is yet to be named, will continue the narrative from where season 5 leaves off. Provided Jamie withstands whatever drama ensues in the concluding season, Bentley is willing to revive the role.

In a conversation with Hollywood Reporter , Bentley revealed his keen interest in featuring in the Yellowstone follow-up. The only prerequisite is that Jamie’s character must align with Sheridan’s vision.

“I’m open to that. Taylor has something in his mind about where this story goes, and if Jamie fits in, I definitely would be interested in being a part of that,” Bentley shared.

The Yellowstone actor added that he would also be comfortable if Jamie’s narrative concludes in season 5. Ultimately, Bentley is content with Jamie’s evolution in the series and would be at peace with saying goodbye to his character.

A closer look at the upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ spinoff

Paramount has confirmed that Sheridan is working on a Yellowstone sequel. Details regarding the sequel are slim, but we do know that the Dutton family will be central to the narrative.

Digital Spy reports that David Glasser, the CEO of production company 101, unveiled the exhilarating news about the new sequel. Glasser implied that the sequel will essentially kick off from where Yellowstone concludes.

“The Dutton story continues, picking up where Yellowstone leaves off in another epic tale. We are thrilled to bring this new journey to audiences around the world,” Glasser stated.


Depending on how things shake out, this clearly opens the door for Bentley, and others, to appear in the sequel.

This sequel adds to Sheridan’s expanding roster of shows related to Yellowstone . Sheridan has already launched two prequels in the Yellowstone world, namely 1923 and 1883 . Furthermore, he’s also designing another spinoff named 6666 .

For the forthcoming sequel, Sheridan is collaborating with the production entities 101 and MTV Studios. No official launch date has been disclosed as yet.

Wes Bentley admits Taylor Sheridan keeps everyone on their toes when it comes to the future of their characters

Whether Bentley will reprise his role in the upcoming Yellowstone sequel will hinge on the conclusion of his character’s arc in season 5. Even though the choice to wrap up the series in the fifth season came as a shock, Bentley has always been braced for the worst possible outcome.

“You never really know who is going to be in or out or, the way shows go now, who is going to die and what season. You are half mentally prepared for that happening at any moment,” he explained.

Bentley highlighted how Jamie’s precarious status within the Dutton family adds an extra layer of intrigue to his narrative arc. Even though he senses the family could discard him at any moment, he remains uncertain about Jamie’s ultimate fate.

Earlier this year, Bentley divulged that Sheridan once had a blueprint for the show’s conclusion . Regrettably, Sheridan did not disclose to Bentley how things would ultimately unfold.

Filming for the final season of Yellowstone is expected to kick off in the coming months. The series is scheduled to return to Paramount this November.


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