Happy Birthday Forrie J. Smith: Relive the ‘Yellowstone’ Cowboy’s Best Moments


Forrie J. Smith, better known as Lloyd on the hit tv series “Yellowstone” is celebrating his 62nd birthday today. The “Yellowstone” social media page wished Smith the best of birthdays on his special day. Fans of the popular show also join in to wish Smith a happy birthday.



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“Wishing @forriejsmithcowboy the happiest of birthdays,” the Instagram post says.

The post took in thousands of “likes” and comments from fans wishing the real-life cowboy turned actor a happy birthday. To celebrate Smith’s 62 years on earth, here are some of his finest and most well-known moments on “Yellowstone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Ranch Hand Takes a Trip to the ‘Train Station’

After attempting to fight young ranch hand Jimmy and mouthing off to foreman Rip Wheeler, Fred takes a trip to the “train station.” Rip assigns Lloyd to do the honors of driving the former ranch hand to the station. Viewers soon find out that there is no actual train station and Fred is about to meet his end. Lloyd drives Fred out past the Montana state line and pulls to the side of the road near a rocky cliff. He then proceeds to throw Fred’s belongings off the ledge. Realizing he isn’t at a train station, he asks Lloyd what is going on.

“This ain’t no train station,” he says with a distressed look in his eye.

“Sure it is,” Lloyd replies. “It’s a long black train.”

The senior ranch hand then shoots Fred between the eyes and nudges off of the ledge and to his demise.

Beating Up the Biker Gang

The Yellowstone Ranch hands don’t go looking for trouble but also don’t seem opposed to if trouble finds them.

When Ryan, Colby and Teeter find themselves outnumbered by a biker gang on their property, Lloyd and Rip arrive just in time. Despite being the oldest cowboy on Yellowstone Ranch, Lloyd can definitely handle himself in a fight. He easily bests an armed biker before pulling out a gun on another biker who has also pulled a gun on Rip. Threatening to shoot Rip, Lloyd intercedes in assistance.


“It will be the last thing you ever f*****g do,” he says pointing his gun at the biker. Rip overpowers the gang’s leader and forces them to leave the property. The bikers make an unwise decision to return that evening for revenge and… Let’s just they are lucky to be alive.

Rip Needs a Best Man and Turns to Lloyd

As rough and tough as any cowboy you’ll find, Rip Wheeler rarely shows his soft side. Through the course of three seasons, the only things capable of drawing that softer side are his fiancé Beth Dutton, his love of horses and his best pal Lloyd. In one of the emotional scenes in all of “Yellowstone,” Rip and Lloyd return a stallion back to his home, setting him free. On the way, Rip tells Lloyd he is “trying to choose his words carefully.”

“I’m getting married,” he says to Lloyd’s lack of surprise. “I need a best man.”

Lloyd suggest he should probably ask Beth’s brother, Kayce Dutton, to fill the role of best men.

“Yeah, I probably should,” Rip says of the suggestion. “But I ain’t… I’m asking you.”

Visibly touched by the request, Lloyd nods his head in the affirmative, drawing a rare smile out of Rip. The two watch the horse gallop off to his new home as the scene comes to an end and the tears flow.

“Yellowstone” faithful certainly hope to get more of Forrie J. Smith in the upcoming season. With the fourth installment just around the corner, they won’t have to wait long.


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