Yellowstone’s 6666 Show Is What No Other Spinoff Has Dared To Do Yet

Though the Yellowstone franchise has seen spinoffs come and go, its latest endeavor, Yellowstone: 6666 is going to be different than all the rest.

  • Yellowstone: 6666 breaks the mold of previous spinoffs by moving away from the Dutton Ranch and expanding the franchise’s world.
  •  The new spinoff takes place at the legendary 6666 Ranch in Texas, an important piece of Western cowboy history.
  •  Yellowstone: 6666’s shift in location and introduction of new characters gives the franchise breathing room and sets the stage for a fresh phase of Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone franchise is certainly no stranger to spinoff series, but luckily, its latest project, Yellowstone: 6666, is going to do something that no spinoff series has ever fully done before: leave the Dutton ranch. Yellowstone is a neo-Western drama series that first began in 2018. It stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton, the patriarch of the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. Aside from his cattle, Dutton must also contend with political corruption, local violence, and issues stemming from his own family members, all of whom are as strong-willed as he is.

Since 2018, the Yellowstone universe has expanded far beyond the main series. In 2021, the franchise’s first spinoff prequel series premiered under the title 1883. It followed John Dutton’s ancestors, who were the first of the Dutton family to settle at the famous Dutton Ranch in Montana. A year after that, a second prequel spinoff called 1923 premiered. Similarly, this series tells the story of the Dutton family during the 1920s, featuring connections from 1883. There are many more Yellowstone sp inoffs planned for the future, but the next one on the docket, Yellowstone: 6666, 

will hopefully break the mold its predecessors created.

Yellowstone’s 6666 Is Finally Moving The Franchise On From The Dutton Ranch

It seems timely that just as Yellowstone comes to a close with its fifth season, Yellowstone: 6666 will pick up the reins and tell a new story. Unlike previous spinoffs, Yellowstone: 6666 will finally move away from the Dutton Ranch, and expand the Yellowstone world. With Jimmy as Yellowstone: 6666’s lead, the show will take place in Texas at the legendary 6666 Ranch. Just as the Yellowstone area has a deep meaning for Western culture, the 6666 Ranch is an important piece of history. In many ways, it is where being a cowboy originated. Thus, Yellowstone 

is setting aside the Dutton Ranch, but for an equally cool and significant counterpart.

Not much is known about Yellowstone: 6666 besides its new location and potential lead in Jimmy. Although the series was set to be released in 2023, delays due to the SAG-AFTRA strike have extended the wait. Furthermore, something notable about Yellowstone: 6666 that also makes it unique to other Yellowstone spinoffs is that it will have a cable release along with a streaming release on Paramount+. Though past spinoffs have only been available on the streaming platform, Yellowstone: 6666 will premiere on regular television just as Yellowstone has. This could be a hint that Yellowstone: 6666 is intended to continue past its first season, and in a sense, replace Yellowstone.

6666 Will Be Crucial For Yellowstone’s Future

The fact that Yellowstone: 6666 is moving away from the Duttons is exciting, but it is also crucial. While Yellowstone, 1883, and 1923 were all engaging, it would be a risk for the franchise to continue exploring just one family in this vast neo-Western world. Moving to the 6666 Ranch not only makes for a fresh, new location, but it also introduces new characters that can sustain the franchise. Yellowstone has created plenty of fan favorites, but they can only last so long before becoming too familiar. Overall, Yellowstone: 6666 gives the franchise some breathing room, and more importantly, sets the stage for a totally new phase of Yellowstone.


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