‘Yellowstone’ Prequel Finally Gets The Recognition It Deserves … Thank God They’re Not Punishing Sheridan


“Yellowstone” prequel “1923” received two major nominations for 2024 Golden Globes (which I am literally amazed are still a thing).

Apparently Hollywood still feels the need to pat itself on the back after a year defined by writers and actors strikes, no new entertainment (except for shows written by Taylor Sheridan) and the robot replacement of most technical positions within the industry. But despite being the only creator to release back-to-back hit series, Sheridan’s “1923” was one of the shows to receive some major nods from the Golden Globes.

“1923” is nominated for Best Television Series: Drama, and lead actress Helen Mirren received a nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series: Drama. Having heavyweights like Mirren and Harrison Ford leading “1923” didn’t hurt. Punishing these two for working with Sheridan would be an act of suicide for the failed talent who run awards shows.

David Oyelowo, the lead actor and executive producer alongside Sheridan in the Chad Feehan series “Lawmen: Bass Reeves” also received a nomination.

To-date, most of Sheridan’s shows have been snubbed by the mainstream entertainment industry. In a similar fashion to that of Morgan Wallen, there’s just something about Sheridan that corporate media hates, but America loves.

However, Kevin Costner was nominated for his role as the lead Dutton in the flagship “Yellowstone” series in 2023. He won the award, despite not being able to attend the ceremony due to extreme weather across Southern California. So perhaps the folks behind the Golden Globes are some of the few non-bias media oligarchs out there? Maybe? (Who cares?)


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