Yellowstone: Why Beth & Jamie’s Rivalry Needs To End

Beth Dutton may think she has all the power in her and her brother Jamie's relationship, but Beth's pettiness is only getting in her own way.

  •  Beth’s hatred for Jamie intensifies due to past events, making their scenes repetitive and predictable throughout Yellowstone.
  •  Beth’s discovery of Jamie’s involvement in disposing of his father’s body sets up a potential ending to their rivalry.
  •  Beth’s knowledge of Jamie’s baby leads to increased anger and threats, suggesting the culmination of their conflict in Yellowstone season 5.

From the earliest episodes of Yellowstone, it is made clear how much Beth hates Jamie, but their rivalry has reached a point where it must end for the sake of the show. As Beth keeps reminding viewers, she has been perpetually angry at Jamie for how Jamie inadvertently made her sterile by helping her get an abortion when they were both teenagers. Combined with Jamie being adopted and his actions in previous Yellowstone seasons, Beth’s hatred for Jamie has only grown fiercer over the years, making each of their scenes play out the same.

In the Yellowstone season 4 ending, Beth secured Jamie’s loyalty by taking video evidence of Jamie disposing of his real father’s body, and this actually sets up what could be the perfect ending for the Beth vs Jamie rivalry. Apart from abusing her power over Jamie, Beth has also found out about Jamie’s baby, which leads to her being angrier and threatening to take Jamie’s baby away. Yellowstone season 5 could and should see Beth and Jamie’s end for various reasons.

Jamie Is Beth’s Only Real Weakness

Beth’s Character Growth Is Stunted By The One-Note Relationship


Throughout Yellowstone, Beth has been a strong and capable character who has been able to stand up against many powerful enemies and threats. While Beth’s enemies may also exploit her love for John Dutton and Rip Wheeler, Beth’s only real weakness is Jamie – the only one who pushes Beth to act with emotion instead of logic. Beth and Jamie’s relationship in Yellowstone only makes Beth weaker and prone to making mistakes. If Beth Dutton is to survive the events of Yellowstone season 5, she needs to let go of her hatred for Jamie, who in turn can experience more character development himself outside their tired sibling rivalry.

How Yellowstone’s Beth And Jamie Rivalry Can End

The Next Generation Of Dutton’s Could Save Beth And Jamie From Mutual Destruction

Beth finding out about the existence of Jamie’s baby could already be leading to the end of their protracted war. Despite having all the power in their relationship and no further reason to threaten her brother, Beth persists in tormenting Jamie, who now has nowhere to retreat and will likely be pushed to retaliate or do something desperate to fight back. Notably, though it appears that Beth has Jamie cornered, Jamie could still use his baby as an advantage instead of a weakness. After all, baby Jamie is the second 7th-generation Dutton in the show, which suggests that John Dutton may not be on board with Beth’s plan of taking the baby away from his father.

Yellowstone already foreshadowed the end of Beth and Jamie when Jamie barely misses Beth with his car after Beth threatens to take his baby away. In the real world, viewers online have not been shy about expressing their disdain for the siblings’ long, drawn-out fight. Hopefully, the end of the Beth vs Jamie rivalry happens not just soon, but in a way that does justice to both these complex and beloved Yellowstone characters.


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