Yellowstone Star Eden Brolin Originally Auditioned For A Different Character


Few characters on “Yellowstone” have had as many rotating love interests as Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) has had. While he had eyes for Avery (Tanaya Beatty) early on in the series and eventually settled down with Emily (Kathryn Kelly), in the interim, the unlikely ranch hand was also in love with Mia (Eden Brolin).

However, White could have been shooting his romantic scenes with a different actor altogether if things had gone according to plan. That’s because Brolin originally auditioned for the role of Teeter (Jennifer Landon). She shared this on an installment of “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” a behind-the-scenes show in which “Yellowstone” actors talk and joke about their time on the series.

“I auditioned for Teeter, and then like six months later or something, Mia came in,” Brolin explained. “It was easy as that, you know.” While both are supporting characters in “Yellowstone,” Landon’s Teeter has definitely gotten more screen time, especially as Mia lost Jimmy to Emily after leaving the bunkhouse behind in Season 4.

Mia has since left the series after losing Jimmy

Of course, being that this is “Yellowstone,” that didn’t stop Mia and Emily from having a nasty scrap over Jimmy’s affections when the two finally crossed paths. However, to hear it from Jimmy actor Jefferson White, he doesn’t really consider himself that much of a prize anyway.


“Teeter has a sort of really exciting budding love interest with Colby,” White said. “Would you say that you were profoundly disappointed when you found out that you were gonna have a sort of budding love interest with Jimmy?” he asked. “Would you characterize your experience with that as profound disappointment?” he wondered. “It was profound,” agreed Eden Brolin jokingly.

While it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing any more of Mia when Season 5, Part 2 of “Yellowstone” returns to wrap up the series, Brolin’s 14-episode stint during Season 3 and Season 4 is still a memorable run for the character. As for Jimmy and Emily, we’ll likely be seeing more of the duo when the expected “6666” spin-off finally finds its way down the pipeline.


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