1923 Season 2 Wishlist: 10 Things We Want To See

As the premiere of 1923 Season 2 draws closer, many questions need answers, and many characters need resolutions to their shocking arcs.

  •  Whitfield will face the consequences for his actions and be run out of town as the Duttons work together to protect their land.
  •  The possibility of Alexandra being pregnant raises questions about the future of her relationship with Spencer and the impact on their journey to Montana.
  •  Zane and Alice, who were violently separated in the finale, deserve a happy ending and to be left alone after the racial prejudice they faced.

The prequel to Taylor Sheridan’s hit show Yellowstone1923, has proved just as popular and intriguing, so with season 2 on the way, there is much anticipation as to how certain storylines will play out. With the fate of so many characters hanging in the balance of what happens in the next season, whatever the outcome of the narrative, it’s certain to be astounding. With almost every major player from the first season signed on for the next installment, no loose ends should be left as the story wraps up.

As with the original series, a central part of the plot is the Dutton family’s ranch and keeping hold of the land no matter what. Premiering in 2022, 1923 tells the story of how the Dutton’s came to control that land and interweaves the complex lives of other people living in the area and the ancestors of the characters in Yellowstone. Utilizing a much more sweeping and grand scale for the series makes the world of 1923 seem much larger than Yellowstone, as the show takes its time revealing how every character is connected.

10, Whitfield Getting What He Deserves

Never getting his hands on the ranch

One of the most formidable villains in the series, Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton), uses all the wealth and power at his disposal to undermine the Dutton family and their claim to the land. He made his fortune mining the land and intends to do the same with Paradise Valley. Though he’s only introduced halfway through season 1, he quickly becomes the most formidable opponent Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) has ever faced. In season 2, the Duttons are going to have to work together to stop him and make sure that the slimy oilman is run out of town.

9, If Alexandra Is Pregnant

How will Spencer react if she is

In the season 1 finale, Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer) and Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) are tragically separated after working so hard to be together, and many subtle hints point to the fact that Alex may be expecting a child. She suffers from sea sickness onboard the ship they’re on, but it could also be attributed to morning sickness. If she is pregnant, it’s going to be a hard journey as she intends to find Spencer again by meeting him in Montana. Additionally, if she has a baby, it opens up the question of who that baby will be in the future, and if that person exists in Yellowstone.

8, Zane And Alice Reunited

Despite their horrible separation in the finale

Alice (Joy Osmanski) and Zane (Brian Geraghty) have a kind and loving marriage with children and a full life ahead of them. Regardless, the anti-miscegenation laws prevented people from being in mixed-race relationships, and this cruel and prejudiced government regulation is brutally enforced in the season finale. A group of men shows up at their house and forcefully remove Alice from their home, leaving Zane beaten and unable to stop them. 1923 has shown much of the worst that period of history, but in season 2, if anyone deserves a happy ending and to be left alone, it’s Zane and Alice.

7, Alex Adjusting To Life In Montanna

After traveling so far to get there

Once Alex and Spencer are back together, it seems that it will be in Montana, and there will be a lot of changes taking place at the ranch. Spencer will have to introduce her to the entire family and Alex will face a culture and environmental shock. Although she is a capable traveler and can handle herself, if she’s pregnant and her family is conspiring to keep her from Spencer, it will be a long road to get to Montana.


There’s also the question of how the rest of the Duttons will feel about Alex and if they will accept her as Spencer’s wife after his long absence. With all the issues facing the Duttons and the ranch, Spencer will be needed to help clean up the mess, and might not have time to be with Alex and help her grow accustomed to the new lifestyle.

 If Alex gets to Montana and life isn’t what she imagined, that could mean trouble for the already fraught couple.

6, Jack And Elizabeth Successfully Having A Baby

Despite their miscarriage

One of the saddest moments of the season 1 finale was when Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph) had a miscarriage due to complications with the injury she got earlier in the season. This was a blow for both her and Jack (Darren Mann), who were so excited to welcome a new life into their family. If they can conceive again, it would be wonderful to see them have the family they always wanted, but if not, there is more than one way to build a family. Their child was thought to be the potential father of John Dutton III (Kevin Costner), but fate may have other plans.

5, Jacob And Cara Having The Family Back Together

All under one roof

Although Jacob and Cara (Helen Mirren) could not have children of their own, they raised John Sr. (Audie Rick) and Spencer themselves after the death of their parents in 1883. With Spencer gone for so many years, and then John Sr.’s death early in the season, it’s been difficult fending for the farm and supporting Jack in his time of need. Enemies have been coming all around, and with the events of the finale, how Jacob and Cara will be able to save the ranch is up in the air. However, if everyone can come back and put up a united front, it will strengthen Jacob and Cara’s resolve.


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