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Kevin Costner Is Allegedly ‘Obsessed’ With New Girlfriend Jewel’s Music ‘Talent’


Hollywood star Kevin Costner and his new flame, singer Jewel, are reportedly strengthening their bond through a shared passion for music.

Costner was initially linked to Jewel just over a month ago but has seemingly grown fonder of her, with reports suggesting he is “obsessed with her.”

Their romance comes after a rancorous divorce battle with his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, who was said to be jealous of the actor’s new fling with Jewel.

Kevin Costner & Jewel’s Relationship Growing Stronger Over Music

According to a report, sources close to the pair revealed that the lovebirds’ romance has been gaining strength over their shared love for music. Costner and Jewel are said to be making music together, which has afforded them more quality time.

“Kevin and Jewel are deepening their connection through shared musical endeavors,” a source said, per the National Enquirer. “Their relationship has evolved into a harmonious collaboration, with the two of them spending quality time together.”

Another insider noted that the “Yellowstone” star is seriously enamored by the folk singer and her singing prowess.

“He’s obsessed with her and her talent,” the source said of Costner. “Music is Kevin’s real passion, not film. As long as Jewel keeps playing that guitar, Kevin will keep following her around!”

The Actor Made An Effort To Find Love Again

The “Bodyguard” actor notably invested in his looks to find love again following his bitter divorce from his former wife, Christine Baumgartner, last year.

Costner reportedly dropped about 15 pounds at the time, with sources claiming he was desperate to “fix his hair” and jump back into the dating pool.

“Kevin’s ready to put himself out there once he finds the next suitable lady,” a source revealed at the time. “He figures the best way to move past this mess is to get back on the dating scene.”

His efforts seemingly paid off in December last year after he and Jewel were seen getting cozy at Richard Branson’s home. They reportedly came on separate invites but quickly got acquainted over their shared love for music, and it has seemingly grown stronger since then.

Christine Baumgartner Was Allegedly Jealous Of Costner’s New Romance With Jewel

As the actor and the singer’s romance blossomed, reports emerged suggesting that his ex-wife was jealous of his newfound romance with Jewel.


According to Radar, Baumgartner was having a tough time coming to terms with the fact that Costner had moved on and reportedly warned him to keep Jewel from their kids.

A source claimed she was “livid” to see pictures of them from their time together at Branson’s Necker Island home, where Jewel held a fundraiser for her Inspiring Children Foundation.

“Despite publicly saying she’s not surprised Kevin moved on, Christine is burning with jealously,” the insider shared. “She thinks it’s pretty hypocritical of Kevin to be parading around like this oversexed college jock when he flipped out so angrily when there were rumors she’d stepped out herself.”

“Christine does not want this woman anywhere near their kids—for the time being, at least,” the source went on. “And she’s looking forward to seeing Kevin with an egg on his face once it all crashes and burns!”

Kevin Costner And Christine Baumgartner Ended Their 18-Year Marriage

The former couple ended their 18-year marriage in September last year after going through a bitter and contentious couple of months of divorce proceedings.

According to TMZ, Baumgartner filed for divorce in May, citing “irreconcilable differences” and demanding joint custody of their children, and Costner responded with his filing, also requesting joint custody.

She initially demanded that Costner pay $248,000 in child support per month before the actor’s attorney, Laura Wasser, filed a filing with the court arguing that it should be $63,000 instead.

Judge Thomas Anderle ruled in the “Dances with Wolves” star’s favor and enforced their prenup, noting that should Baumgartner challenge it, she would have to cuff out $1 million to the actor and also pay his attorney’s fees for the prenup fight.

They were able to settle after Baumgartner agreed to the terms, although details about it weren’t revealed. The former couple were married for close to two decades and share three children.


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