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“It’s not really good for the planet”: Taylor Sheridan Will Never Agree With 1923 Star Harrison Ford’s New Diet Plan

The Yellowstone creator has spoken out about the problems behind ethical veganism and the real-world process of producing vegan-friendly crops.

  • Taylor Sheridan is known for creating the neo-Western TV show Yellowstone, which stars Kevin Costner.
  • The show has been appreciated for its depiction of American rural life, which Sheridan has a lot of experience in.
  • Sheridan has strong opinions on ethical veganism, which is ironic considering his 1923 star Harrison Ford changed his diet to avoid meat.

Screenwriter and showrunner Taylor Sheridan is known for creating the Paramount drama series Yellowstone. The show stars Kevin Costner as a patriarch of the Yellowstone Ranch and has to deal with the power struggles that arise within the family and from the outside. The show has been widely acclaimed for its depiction of rural American life and its writing.

One of the reasons why Sheridan’s portrayal of American life looks so authentic is due to him owning a ranch himself and farming and maintaining it. The writer also has strong opinions on veganism and the ethical reasoning behind turning vegan. He had mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast that going vegan for ethical reasons was one of the most absurd things ever.

Taylor Sheridan’s Opinion On Veganism

Taylor Sheridan has written and created multiple shows that have been universally acclaimed for their writing and performances. From films such as Sicario and Wind River to shows like Mayor of Kingstown, the former actor has been appreciated for his craft in creating intense dramatic affairs. His most acclaimed creation was the Kevin Costner starring neo-Western Yellowstone.

Many have considered Yellowstone’s central theme to be the battle between ‘true’ American life and the emerging urban-centric way of living. The protagonists, the Dutton family, find themselves in a fight to protect their ranch from businessmen who want to ‘develop’ the land. Sheridan’s time in the states of Texas and Wyoming was reportedly the inspiration for the show.

Taylor Sheridan has been vocal about his love for the traditional way of American living and has criticized some of the more modern approaches to living, which has also seeped into the show. In a scene, Costner’s character explains the number of animals, insects, and rodents that are killed while growing vegan-friendly products such as quinoa to a vegan character.

Sheridan reportedly felt the same about veganism in real life as he mentioned in The Joe Rogan Experience what his opinion on veganism was. He said,

“I think one of the most absurd positions anyone can take, is they’re a vegan for an ethical reason…You can do it for a medical reason…And the reason I say that is I have plowed a field…It is 12-feet of carnage. And every single plant that you eat is going to be tilled into the ground at some capacity. So you’re gonna kill everything… People have to understand, you have to take ownership.”


Taylor Sheridan also went on to say that in every ecosystem a living thing existed a the expense of another organism, and hence it made no sense to turn vegan for ethical reasons.

Harrison Ford’s New Diet Might Not Meet Taylor Sheridan’s Approval

While Taylor Sheridan may be against veganism and avoiding meat, his Yellowstone prequel 1923 star Harrison Ford seemed to have a diet that was against Sheridan’s policies. Ford has been appreciated for his fitness and active life despite being eighty-one years old. The actor was recently seen in an action-heavy role in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Ford has mentioned before that he does not work out too much but he does remain active. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show, he revealed that he played tennis and rode bikes. He also mentioned that he was on a new diet that did not include meat. He said,

“I just decided I was tired of eating meat… and I know it’s not really good for the planet… and it’s not really good for me.”

The Star Wars actor has remained fit and even performed some of his own stunts in films as he changed his diet. The actor was seen in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone spinoff/prequel miniseries 1923 and will also be seen in the MCU’s Captain America: Brave New World. While Ford mentioned that he had turned vegetarian (apart from fish), he did mention that he was not that keen on therapy and that it was not for him.


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