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Sister Wives: Latest Reports Say Kody Brown Is Blaming Robyn For His Divorces! Pushing Her Away Too?


Kody Brown has been going through a rough phase. It began when Sister Wives star Christine Brown separated from him in 2021. She took this step after their marriage became beyond repair. Then during the filming of the Tell All episodes, Kody’s second (now-ex) wife, Janelle, also announced their split. At last, Meri took to Instagram to confirm her divorce from the polygamist. Now, Robyn Brown is his only wife. But reports say that Kody has been blaming her for all his failed marriages. Well, it looks like there has been trouble in paradise for the last couple standing.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Facing The Blame For Kody’s Failed Marriages! Trouble In Paradise

Ever since Robyn Brown became part of the plural family, Sister Wives fans could sense that the polygamist Kody Brown was more biased towards her. Because of this, his relationship with other partners began to suffer. At last, Christine Brown had had enough and parted ways with him in 2021. Soon, Janelle and Meri followed in her footsteps. Well, a source, as per TheSun, has said that Kody Brown’s relationship with his only wife, Robyn, is suffering too. It turns out that the notorious castmate is blaming her for all his failed relationships.

The source also added that Kody has always had a tendency to find a “scapegoat.” He did this first with his first wife, Meri, and then with Christine and, at last, Janelle. As a result, they left the plural marriage. Well, Sister Wives fans had been expecting something like this to go down. That’s because it has been more than a decade since the show began airing on TV, and the audience has never seen Kody hold himself accountable for anything. Now viewers are assuming that Robyn will also part ways with her husband after getting tired of the disrespect.


Sister Wives: Kody Ditches Robyn & Goes On A Solo Trip!

Kody and Robyn took a trip to Las Vegas recently. Sources suggested that the former polygamist bought his wife there to spoil her with lavish gifts. But he then took another trip with his three brothers. Kody’s brothers, William, Travis, and Scott. All four of them booked an Airbnb and went on a weekend getaway. All the Brown brothers ended up watching the new John Wick movie. They also got together to talk about their experience on a podcast, The Brothers Random.

The couple spending time apart suggests that they might have done so because of strains in their relationship. The source revealed that Robyn’s previous marriage to David Jessop had gotten abusive. So, she ended up leaving him in 2007 and tying the knot with Kody in 2010. So, it is very likely that she will part ways with her current husband if he continues making her the scapegoat for all his shortcomings. Do you want to see Robyn part ways with Kody? Tell us in the comments. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance updates.


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