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Sister Wives: 5 Hilarious Things Fans Have Said About Kody Brown In 2023

Sister Wives' Kody Brown has said some interesting stuff about his polygamous lifestyle that has fans thinking he should bite his tongue.


Kody Brown has never been a wordsmith when it comes to his time on Sister Wives, with the patriarch often being called out for his missteps. Over the years, Kody has thrown more than one temper tantrum in hopes of getting his way. However, more often than not, Kody is left on the losing side after providing perfect meme material to his haters.

Sister Wives star Kody has never been a fan favorite, mainly due to his callous attitude towards three out of his four wives. When the show first started in 2010, Kody tried his best to push the narrative that he and his polygamous family were happy. However, over the years, he has put his foot in it when addressing major issues like divorce. Kody’s comments often left an opening for those who watch the show to mock him.

5, Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Has Hair Issues


U/Chameleann310 from Reddit noted that nobody in the polygamous family had “inherited Kody’s hair yet.” However, this didn’t stop fans on Reddit from making fun of Kody’s receding hairline. Some even compared his curly blonde hair to nachos with cheese sauce. Twitter user QKARQ used the series’ tagline in a mocking way, writing, “hair should be multiplied, not divided.”

The intense stress of the last year has clearly taken a toll on Kody and his body. He no longer looks like the jovial young man he used to be but rather an old haggard version of himself. The divorce from Christine Brown has hit Kody hard, with photos showing him losing his beloved hair. There have been multiple memes of Kody looking down with a patch of hair missing from his crown. His front locks have been pushed into a comb-over in an attempt to hide his scalp.

4, Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Discusses Sons’ Sex Lives

U/Immediate_ad684 shared their disgust with Kody after the recent Sister Wives Tell-All aired, showing the father of 18 talking openly about his sons’ sex lives. The fan took a hit at Kody’s high opinion of himself, writing, “Ego blows, feel like ego death, and this man child is all ego baby.” For all of Sister Wives season 17, Kody was adamant that it was his older son’s fault for not allowing him to visit Janelle Brown’s home.

While speaking out about the issues, Kody revealed that he was not willing to risk the health and safety of his younger children’s lives. More importantly, he wasn’t willing to risk the health of his and Robyn’s children just so Janelle’s boys could get their “pencils” wet. Kody’s statement implied that Gabe and Garrison Brown were more concerned with their budding sex lives rather than with the safety of their family. However, Kody’s comments were uncalled for, as followers shared that the sentiment was “crude” and embarrassing for his children.

3, Sister Wives Fans Tease Kody Brown About Pandemic

During the “Coronapocolypse” episode of Sister Wives, Kody made a fool of himself as he cried into the dashboard camera after Robyn was taken to the emergency room. Kody shared that he wanted to check himself in so he could be closer to his fourth and favorite wife. The hypocrisy didn’t go unnoticed as it was noted that he was willing to admit himself but was fine with leaving Ysabel Brown in a hospital crying for him after life-altering back surgery. One comment read, “Throw the whole man away. Trash.”

The scene in question showed Robyn with an oxygen reading of 92 yet she wasn’t put on any form of breathing apparatus. While Kody and Robyn’s fear about the pandemic were valid, his approach to choosing one wife over the other didn’t go over well. Kody seemingly made a mountain out of a molehill, especially when he hadn’t even contracted the virus. Kody’s lack of empathy for anyone else’s desires made him an easy target online.

2, Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Loves Chaos



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Without a doubt, Kody enjoys living his life as chaotically and unpredictably as possible. Viewers of Sister Wives like U/Dancinginteardrops often took to Reddit to share their theories writing, “If you create the chaos, you control the chaos.” The intensity of how Kody lived his day-to-day life often affected those around him. It all started when Kody introduced Robyn into the mix after years of living with just three wives. It was clear that Meri, Christine, and Janelle were all surprised by the sudden addition, leaving them to play it off as Kody’s impulse control issues.

There have been other scenes showing Kody in a messy situation. One example is the time he had his polygamous family flee from Utah in the middle of the night. Kody stated at the time that he was fearful he would be arrested, but there wasn’t proof to back up his unjustified fears. Kody was also the one to spring the idea of moving from Las Vegas to Arizona after the family had settled into their four-home cul-de-sac. Kody seems to thrive in a life he controls as the main puppeteer and will often throw his entire family into turmoil to get his way.

1, Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Wants Pure Women

@ramblingmomma The cringey purity speech… #sisterwives #robynbrown #kodybrown #fyp #tlc ♬ original sound – VIcki

During an extremely awkward episode of Sister Wives, fans revealed via @rambilingamama on TikTok that it felt like they were watching an episode of “The Office, one of their weird sensitivity training meetings.” Thanks to the encouragement of Kody, Robyn stood up in front of the family to speak about the time she first lost her virginity. The mother of five kept referring to her virginity as her “purity” and used props like a heart locket, which she threw on the floor to drive her point home.

Robyn’s children, whom she shares with David Jessop, were in the room as she retold her story about lost love and essentially attacked their birth father. Kody sat close to Robyn while she spoke out and even held her hand towards the end of her speech. The whole conversation was uncomfortable and seemed like an inappropriate family meeting to have with their children present. Overall, this moment is one of the strangest things to happen in Sister Wives.

1Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Wants Pure Women

4Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Discusses Sons’ Sex Lives

4Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Discusses Sons’ Sex Lives

4Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Discusses Sons’ Sex Lives

4Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Discusses Sons’ Sex Lives

4Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Discusses Sons’ Sex Lives

4Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Discusses Sons’ Sex Lives


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