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‘Sister Wives’: The Reason Fans Think Kody and Robyn Brown Could Be Eying a Move Back to Utah?


Kody Brown and Robyn Brown have some big decisions to make. After the most recent explosive season of Sister Wives, Kody was left with just one wife. Short three incomes, fans of the series have questioned how Kody and Robyn are making their finances work. As rumors of imminent financial ruin swirl, Brown family followers theorize a move is in Kody and Robyn’s future. Will the couple return to Utah?

A refusal to move ended one of Kody Brown’s marriages

Sister Wives fans watched Kody Brown’s marriage to his third wife, Christine Brown, implode over two seasons. There are many reasons that the couple’s marriage ended. A lack of intimacy, Kody’s preference for his fourth and now only wife, Robyn Brown, and his poor treatment of the six children he shares with Christine were the final straws. Still, most fans pinpoint Kody’s refusal to move back to Utah as Christine wanted as the beginning of the couple’s end.

In season 15, Christine told Kody she wanted to return to Utah. She noted that Flagstaff, Arizona, wasn’t working out for the family. She insisted that since polygamy was decriminalized, it was safe for the family to return to Utah, where they lived at the start of Sister Wives. Kody initially agreed but quickly back peddled at the first sign of pushback. The rejection left Christine feeling alone and angry. A meltdown ensued. Over the next two seasons, she untangled her life from his and moved on without him.

Christine now lives in Utah and is planning her life with another man. The mother of six recently became engaged and purchased a new home with David Woolley, the love interest she introduced on Instagram in February.

Kody was never against the idea of going back to Utah

Kody Brown was run out of Utah years ago, according to Gwendlyn Brown. Still, he hasn’t ever been against returning. Initially, when Christine Brown floated the idea of returning to Utah in 2020 before she ultimately split from her polygamist husband, Kody was on board.

He only shot down the idea when Robyn Brown and Janelle Brown insisted they had no desire to leave Flagstaff. Kody wasn’t vehemently against Christine returning to Utah after their marriage ended. He did, however, object to her desire to move to Salt Lake City instead of St. George, Utah.


So will Kody and Robyn move back to Utah?

Now that Kody is a monogamist with just one wife to consider, it would be easy to move back to Utah. At least, it would seem that way. Will he make a move, though? According to a couple of his children, he wouldn’t get the final say even if he wanted to. Both Paedon Brown and Gwendlyn Brown have revealed that Robyn Brown spearheaded the family’s move to Arizona in the first place. The move, which allowed Robyn to follow her eldest son to college, only benefited Robyn and her children.

If the past is any indication, if Robyn is not interested in returning to Utah, Kody won’t push the family to return to their roots. Still, the now-monogamist couple will have to make some decisions about their living situation sooner rather than later. The duo’s bill on their undeveloped Coyote Pass land will be due soon, and they’ve lost three large incomes that helped float their lifestyle. Whether they will stick it out in Arizona or head to a cheaper cost-of-living area is anyone’s guess. What we do know is that it is far cheaper to live in Utah, especially in the St. George area than in Flagstaff, Arizona.

If a move is in their future, we assume it will be documented on Sister Wives at some point. So far, three moves have been filmed for the show. What’s one more? TLC has yet to announce the fate of Sister Wives, but if the show gets at least two more seasons, expect to see more U-Hauls.


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