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Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown’s Shady Quotes About Her Family: Biggest Bombshells


Spilling the tea. Gwendlyn Brown was first introduced to fans while appearing on Sister Wives alongside her family.

She is one of Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s six children. In addition to Gwendlyn, the former couple also shares Aspyn Thompson (née Brown), Mykelti Padron (née Brown), Paedon BrownYsabel Brown and Truely Brown.

Gwendlyn has given fans glimpses into her life on the TLC show, though she has become even more candid with her thoughts and feelings while recapping episodes of the reality show on her YouTube channel.

While watching a season 17 episode in February 2023, the TV personality became emotional when she saw Kody lovingly welcome his youngest children Ariella and Solomon, whom he shares with Robyn Brown, home from their first day of school.

“It’s terrible that I’m making this about myself, but it hurts so much to see him be a good father to others when I didn’t really get that much,” she said while fighting back tears. “I’m so happy they have a good father or from what it looks like to be a good father and an active father.”

Gwendlyn went on to admit that she never had similarly sweet moments with her father when she was younger. “I don’t remember coming home from kindergarten or anything and seeing my dad being happy that I ate all my lunch, or that I made a friend at school, [it] was always my mom,” she continued.

She added that she “was so happy” that her mom was present during her upbringing, but acknowledged “it was never” Kody who showed up for her. “It sucks that he was not there so much, but I’m happy for them,” Gwendlyn noted.

Kody – who has 18 kids in total – split from Christine in 2021, followed by breakups with both Janelle Brown and Meri Brown in 2022. Robyn, who he legally married in 2014 in order to adopt her kids from a previous marriage, remains his only wife.

During a December 2022 video, Gwendlyn admitted she’s not a fan of Robyn. “I do feel less about Robyn from watching this,” she said at the time. “But I feel like that’s not very fair from me, ‘cause I really don’t like her as a person.”

After noting that “virtually none” of Kody’s children watch the series, she added, “Watching [Robyn] makes me like her less for sure.”

Keep scrolling to take a look back at the biggest bombshells Gwendlyn has revealed about her family.


In a YouTube video shared in February 2023, Gwendlyn watched a season 17 episode in which Kody admitted he didn’t “consider [himself] married to Meri.”

“The thing is, he’s just leading her on at this point,” Gwendlyn said in response to the clip.

After Kody said he didn’t “believe he will ever be emotionally safe” with his first wife, the college student reacted by saying, “Then tell her!”

As the clip continued, Gwendlyn said it was “unfortunate to see my dad going off about, like, how he and Meri basically have this done relationship because she doesn’t know that.”

“They haven’t had a conversation about it, and I think that’s what’s so important with what my mom, did with him because she said, ‘We are done,’” she continued. “She told him to his face that they’re over. And Kody hasn’t done anything. He’s just letting Meri believe in this, like, fantasy that he’s created that they can somehow work on their relationship, which is manipulative.”

Gwendlyn added, “It feels completely manipulative to me because he’s basically keeping this information from her and letting her be in this loveless relationship with this false hope that it’s going to be fixed.”


Kody isn’t the only family member that Gwendlyn has publicly criticized.

“He is still the sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, violent abuser that he has always been for several years,” she said about Paedon during a Patreon video, which was shared via Instagram by a fan account in January 2023. “He’s the most awful person I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing, and I would strongly advise taking anything he says as fact. I would advise against giving him any kind of support even if you’re just watching the kind of content he puts out.”

Gwendlyn called out her brother after Paedon hinted at their feud during a January 2023 interview with John Yates. “She has cut most of us off because we’re all sexist, racist homophobes,” the National Guard graduate said at the time.

Paedon sarcastically added, “Yes, we are all sexist, racist homophobes. But because I’m a white male and a soldier, I’m sexist.


After Paedon made shocking claims that Meri was abusive to Kody’s children during a January 2023 interview, Gwendlyn opened up about growing up with the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn owner while answering questions from fans via Patreon.

“[Meri] was scary as a kid but she never attacked me and I only saw her violent once,” she claimed at the time. “That was all a long time ago.”

Gwendlyn continued, “Meri had moments where she was rude and scary but I don’t remember her getting physical with anyone except for Mykelti and that was only once. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance … I don’t know anything about saving anyone’s life, honestly. She was met with more dislike than anything…”


In January 2023, Gwendlyn shut down disturbing rumors that Kody was seen “making out” with his stepdaughter, Aurora, after photos of the pair circulated online.


“No, my father does not kiss his children like that,” Gwendlyn said in response to a fan that asked about the rumor. “Obviously as kids we give him a little smooch because we’re children, but no, not at all. I’m so sorry you were tricked to thinking that. That’s horrifying.”


Gwendlyn made light of her parents’ split when she became verified on social media in December 2022.

“When your parents get divorced and you get their leftover fame,” she wrote via her Instagram Stories, alongside a screenshot that showed her profile had a blue checkmark next to her name. “Verified bitches.”


During a YouTube transaction video shared on March 10, 2023, Gwendlyn slammed Kody after she watched a scene in which he admitted to not liking Christine during their marriage.

“I think it’s more cowardly to be in a relationship where you don’t love somebody than it is to leave instead of experiencing heartbreak,” Gwendlyn said about her parents’ relationship.

She also reacted to Kody’s comment that Christine shouldn’t embrace her independence. “What’s she supposed to do if she’s not independent? He has three other wives,” Gwendlyn pointed out. “What’s she supposed to do? Just sit in the corner and braid her hair?”


Also in the March 10 video, Gwendlyn claimed that Kody had “a lot of double standards” when it came to his relationships with Christine and Janelle.

She later added that her father is a “massive misogynist.”

“I’m just glad it’s not something I inherited because that would suck,” the TV personality said. “I think the way he was raised made it difficult for him to get out of those ideas — which is not an excuse. You can get out of the kind of thoughts that you think. Dad’s opinions and thoughts tend to benefit him, I think, so that’s why I assume he chooses to think that way.”


Gwendlyn reflected on why she believes Janelle and Kody split in a YouTube video shared on March 31, 2023, stating that she “absolutely” believes their children played a role.

“Janelle’s a loyal person and she’s, like, happy and beautiful and perfect in every way, but her kids were going through it with my dad,” Gwendlyn said. “Seeing them have a hard relationship with my father was probably, like, a breaking point for where she was like, ‘This is just too much, and I don’t want to deal with him anymore if he’s gonna be like this with my kids.’”

She touched on the situation after fans watched Kody, Gabe and Garrison disagree over the patriarch’s strict COVID-19 protocols during season 18 of the reality show.


The YouTube threw shade at Kody and Robyn over how they spend money in her March 31 YouTube video.

“I think that my dad and Robyn have a terrible habit of spending very crazy and like, not, within their means at all,” Gwendlyn said.

She reflected on how Kody’s spending impacted his other marriages. “But also, Janelle and Meri are kind of similar to my mom and that they’re not gonna be salty or petty and try to take money from him even though they totally deserve it because he’s been spending all of their money on whatever,” Gwendlyn shared.

The TV personality concluded the topic by stating that Janelle and Meri will “probably be a lot better off now that they’re no longer with him, and they’re no longer financially tied to him because you still make a lot of money separately.”


In April 2023, while rewatching part 2 of the Sister Wives tell-all, Gwen said that she felt like Christine had every right to “complain” about sister wives to her husband.

“That doesn’t make you a bad sister wife. You gotta complain about something. You’re not perfect,” she said. “Expecting her to be perfect 24/7 and, like, never have any complaints is ridiculous.”

When Christine then confided in host Sukanya Krishnan that she “didn’t know until right now” that her “venting to [Kody]” was why he had been calling her a “bad sister wife,” Gwen added, “‘Cause he’s a master manipulator.”

“What’s she supposed to do?”


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