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Sister Wives: Producer Reveals The Future Of The Show & Teases New Spinoff!


Sister Wives has gained a massive fan following over the decades. Intially, it started with a man named Kody, who was raising 18 children with his 4 wives. But the dynamics have completely changed now. As per the current scenario, the proud polygamist is in a monogamous marriage with his fourth but only wife after undergoing three divorces. Many viewers thought the show was close to its end, and now the makers should focus on a spinoff rather than continuing Sister Wives. This created several controversies, which were finally cleared by the producer himself!

Sister Wives: What Is The Future Of The Show? Producer Speaks Up!

As per the current scenario, the dynamics no longer justify the title Sister Wives, as three wives have left the Brown family now. Christine, Janelle, and Meri are no longer Kody’s wives, making fans wonder if the show will continue. Over the years, regular watchers have been heavily invested in the storyline and were curious to know if their favorite series was coming back with Season 18 or not. Finally, showrunner Chris Poole has unveiled the future of Sister Wives and confirmed that it is returning for another season.

Recently, Chris Poole revealed that Sister Wives Season 18 would document Browns dealing with heartbreak and breakthroughs. He disclosed to Variety that Christine’s decision to leave the family was a massive change. But after that as well, they have shot a lot of things. Hence, even after everything, Kody still remains the father of 18 children, and his ex-wives still have to “interact” with him. As per Poole, Sister Wives continues to be “interesting and dramatic” as it still has a lot of stories to tell. However, per the makers, bringing everyone back was a bit difficult. All the members are scattered for now and are living in different locations. Yet, they hope that things will become easier.


Sister Wives: Are Producers Planning To Have Another Spinoff?

As Sister Wives Browns are longer under the same roof, fans felt that a spinoff would be a better option to cover their storylines. Several viewers vouched for a separate show that would exclusively feature Janelle and Christine’s life after leaving Kody. When Chris Poole was asked the same question, he clarified that he would “love” to do it. He further hoped that even regular watchers would also be interested in watching the same. But as per the current scenario, they are in a place where they are covering all that content in Sister Wives Season 18 for now. Hence, fans would be able to see a lot in the upcoming season now.

Chris admits that clearly, there is a fair opportunity of creating a spinoff. But for now, they are focusing on Sister Wives and capturing all its stories. Moreover, he added that there is “no end” in sight for now. Hence, there’s a lot still going to come up and will spice up the show. Chris seemed to be really sure that Browns still has much to offer and will always have something to entertain their audience. Are you also excited for Season 18? Do let us know in the comments. Keep returning to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest tea.


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