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Sister Wives: Christine Is Not Letting Kody Brown Meet Daughter Truely But He’s Trying To Work It Out — Reports Reveal


Sister Wives is a reality television show that covers Kody Brown’s life and the lives of his four wives. The television show debuted in 2010 and depicts the difficulties of living in a plural marriage. However, not everything is rosy in the Brown household. Christine announced her separation from Kody in November 2021 after more than 25 years together. The celebrity also disclosed that she would be relocating to Utah with their youngest daughter, Truely, who has a history of bad health. Since then, the teenager has been with Christine, while Kody is not allowed to meet her. However, reports suggest he’s trying to initiate talks related to the topic.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wants To Meet Truely, Intiates Talks With Christine

Sister Wives star Christine and Kody’s relationship deteriorated over the years as they faced conflicts over their plural marriage. The former felt neglected and later divorced her polygamist husband. The couple shares six children, and Truely is the youngest. In the previous seasons of the show, viewers see how the celebrity pair confronts each other in a heated fight over Truely’s custody.

Soon after the divorce, Christine wanted to return to Utah with her children, including Truely. However, Kody seemed displeased and claimed that Truely was his daughter too. But the situation is complicated because the patriarch is legally married to Robyn only, and thus, he doesn’t have rights over Truely or other children. In the episode, the pair were spotted arguing over the topic. Kody has demanded joint cus tody for the 12-year-old and threatened Christine to get his lawyer involved. In reply, the lady celebrity called Kody’s demand “ironic” as he has not been around enough for Truely during rough times.


After such big chaos, TheSun recently reported that the clash between them has somehow got settled behind the screen. According to sources, the estranged couple is now in talks to negotiate a way for Kody to visit Truely. The insider also reveals that Kody always calls his ex to speak with his daughter. He used to FaceTime with her throughout the weeks. The patriarch has even suggested that Truely is not happy with her mom and that he can see through her smiles. It is speculated that the show’s audiences will witness the custody agreement in the next installment.


Sister Wives: Spoiler Alert! Truely’s Custody Agreement Will Feature In The Next Season?

Christine and Kody Brown’s custody struggle over their daughter Truely is far from done. The former Sister Wives pair have been at odds about how to co-parent their 12-year-old daughter since announcing their split in November 2021. Christine and Truely have relocated to Utah, while Kody stays in Arizona with his wife, Robyn. After his divorce from Christine, Kody has demanded a 50/50 custody arrangement for Truely and has threatened to consult a lawyer. He has also stated his mistrust of Christine and his displeasure with her decision to go to Utah.

On the other hand, Christine has refused to give Kody equal custody of Truely. She has argued that Kody has not been around enough for Truely. The star has also said that taking her daughter from Kody is hard and that she wants them to have a relationship. According to an insider, the drama between the exes will continue to play out on the next season of the hit TLC show. The insider discloses that the co-parenting relationship functions across state lines and that fans will see more of it in the upcoming season. Fans hope the duo can work things out for Truely’s sake. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for further updates.


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