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Sister Wives: David & Christine Shove “Another Knife” In Kody’s Kidney By Eating Nachos Together!


It’s Christine Brown’s birthday! As the Sister Wives star is finally celebrating her 51st birthday, it looks like her fiance David Woolley wanted to surprise his wife-to-be. It is evident that these love birds are head over heels in love with each other and have been flaunting their chemistry for a while now. Amid all this, the star decided to do something special for his fiance’s birthday. He carefully thought and did the thing that Christine’s estranged husband was most disgusted off. Yes, you guessed it right, they ate NACHOS together! To know more about this clear shade at Kody, keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Christine And David Ate Nachos Together, Reviving The Famous Nachos Incident?

Sister Wives fans are convinced that David is a very thoughtful person. Well, from carefully choosing a ring for Christine to now eating “nachos” with her, Woolley has gained a massive stardom within two months. Evidently, he decided to celebrate his fiance’s birthday by doing what she loved the most but couldn’t do in her previous marriage. Yes, David took Christine to eat nachos with her. He recently shared a carousel of pictures on Instagram featuring the couple enjoying the latter’s favorite Mexican dish. The star added to his caption, “I love eating nachos with you,” throwing a clear shade at Kody.

On the other hand, Christine also shared some “happy” pictures from her “nachos” date on social media. In the snap, David fed his wife-to-be with his hands, and it was evident that the couple enjoyed the Mexican dish. The star thanked Woolley for a “fun” nachos date. Many fans took to the comments and appreciated David for his “sense of humor.” Someone even joked that this “nachos date” is surely a knife in Kody’s kidney. Another one begged the couple to go on a “ramen” date next time. Several viewers called it to be the “best” shade to date and loved the way Christine “clapped” back with nachos!


Sister Wives: Everything About The Famous “Nachos Incident”

The “Nachos Incident” is one of the most talked about topics in the Sister Wives show. For the unversed, it all started when Kody wrote about Christine eating nachos in their family memoir, “Becoming Sister Wives.” He penned about how “disgusted” he was because of the way Christine ate the Mexcian dish when they were courting. The patriarch talked about how his former wife was “a little chubby” but was convinced that she was the “cutest” girl in the world.

Kody wrote about their road trip when they stopped at a gas station, and Christine was quick to get “the largest portion of chili cheese nachos.” He claimed that he couldn’t even watch her eat as chili sauce and nacho cheese were everywhere. The TLC star accepted that this incident made him consider putting “brakes” on his relationship and affected his feelings as well. On the other hand, Christine was completely unaware that her love for nachos would become a great issue. She simply was a chubby girl who loved “junk food.” However, fans are really happy to know that the star is finally with someone who loves the way she is. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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