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Sister Wives: David Woolley Accepts He Hates Kody? Shocking Report Revealed!


David Woolley is about to take Kody’s place by walking down the aisle with Sister Wives star Christine Brown. The show documented how the celeb renounced her marriage to the polygamist and relocated to Utah last year. Soon Christine announced her ‘exclusive’ relationship with her new beau and is now preparing to exchange vows with him. Amid all this, recently, an insider revealed some shocking information regarding David’s ‘real feelings’ for Kody! Now, viewers are wondering if he actually hates Christine’s ex or not. What are Woolley’s real feelings for his fiance’s ex-husband?

Sister Wives: Does David Hate Kody? What Are His Real Feelings?

Christine Brown’s “soul took its first breath” when she met David Woolley and gradually fell in love with him. Since then, she simply hasn’t stopped praising her new beau in every way possible. This came after the Sister Wives star parted ways with Kody Brown and had a messy split. It is a known fact that they had a very turbulent marriage with many ups and downs. Hence, after David started an “exclusive” relationship with Christine, the latter might have definitely told him about her past and her side of the story. After all this now, viewers are curious to know what Woolley actually thinks of Kody Brown.

Recently, a source revealed to TheSun that David simply “can’t stand” Kody at all. The former feels that Christine’s ex-husband didn’t treat her well and didn’t appreciate her either. The insider further added that Woolley believes Kody’s treatment of Christine was “terrible.” Apparently, David is really “chivalrous” and treats her like a “queen.” He “wines and dines” with his fiance and also takes her on the trips she always wanted to go on. Recently, the couple went to Universal Studios and Disneyland, where Christine was actually “reliving” the decades of her “failed marriage” with Kody Brown. Hence, David has been helping in fulfilling all the dreams and wishes that Christine had when it came to her married life.


Sister Wives: David Woolley Threw Shade At Kody By Eating Nachos With Christine

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is doing everything with David that she couldn’t do in her marriage with Kody. Apparently, eating Nachos is one of them. Though Woolley might not have given any public statement against his fiance’s ex-husband, he clearly threw shade at him on social media. The celeb decided to do what Christine’s estranged husband was most disgusted with and took her to eat nachos with him. They not only had a “nachos” date but also flaunted that on Instagram with lengthy captions on how much they loved eating the Mexican snack together.

This simple move led to fans praising David more for his wit and comeback. Several viewers took to the comment section and acknowledged him for throwing shade at Kody. A user stated that this incident must have felt like a knife in Kody’s kidney. Someone even suggested the couple go on a “ramen” date next time. However, viewers agreed that it was the “best” shade to date and appreciated Christine for not giving up on her love for her beloved nachos. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.


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