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‘Sister Wives’ Rewind: How Did Mykelti Padron and Tony Padron Meet?


Mykelti Padron and Tony Padron have become more outspoken about Sister Wives and the Brown family in recent months. The duo recently began a Patreon account and have been spilling family tea almost constantly. So far, Mykelti has shared her thoughts on her parent’s divorce (she’s fine with it), their reaction to her engagement (her feelings were hurt), raising children (the couple has three), and Meri Brown’s infidelity (she has seriously negative feelings about it). Tony is mostly just along for the ride. Before another season of Sister Wives kicks off, let’s look at how Mykelti and Tony Padron met.

Where did Mykelti and Tony Pardon meet?

Mykelti Padron was the third Brown kid to wed. She was Christine’s second daughter to get married. Their love story started just five months before their engagement when a mutual friend introduced them. The relationship developed outside of the watchful eye of the Brown family and away from the cul-de-sac in Las Vegas that kept the Browns close.

The couple met while Mykelti lived and worked in St. George, Utah. Mykelti, who had originally dreamed of moving out to Washington state, settled for the closeby city of St. George. The Brown family has connections in the small city . Tony lived there, too.

Mykelti and Tony’s plans for marriage received pushback

Mykelti and Tony’s early relationship wasn’t without drama. Neither Kody Brown nor Christine Brown received the news of Mykelti’s upcoming engagement with enthusiasm. Christine and Kody both seemed skeptical of their interest in marriage. During an episode of Sister Wives , Christine even questioned why Kody had given the union his blessing. Janelle Brown didn’t take the news well, either. She wondered whether Mykelti was “rushing” to compete with Madison Brush, who had plans to marry Caleb Brush, a family friend nearly nine years her senior, around the time of Mykelti’s engagement.

Both Robyn Brown and Meri Brown received the news a bit better. While Mykelti has spoken poorly about Meri Brown in recent years, Meri was among the only Brown family members who seemed understanding of Mykelti’s feelings . She expressed concerns about how Mykelti was criticized by her family for her decision to wed.


The duo’s wedding was filmed by TLC

Not all of the Brown kids who have married opted to have their weddings featured on Sister Wives . Logan Brown, Janelle and Kody Brown’s eldest son, did not invite cameras to his recent nuptials. Madison Brush, Apsyn Thompson, and Mykelti Padron all had their weddings filmed, though.

TLC captured almost the entirety of Mykelti and Tony’s wedding planning process. They debated second mortgages, argued over the proper number of tacos per guest, and negotiated a wedding date that would work for the whole family, all while the cameras rolled. During the planning process, Tony didn’t endear himself to many fans. Most Sister Wives fans despise Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Tony might be the third or fourth most disliked family member, all thanks to his wedding-planning antics.

Where are Mykelti and Tony now?

Despite the early drama and Mykelti’s hurt feelings, the duo remains married. Tony is currently unemployed after leaving a banking job to begin a streaming career. Mykelti sells LuLaRoe to support the family of five. Mykelti, Tony, and their three children live in Lehi, Utah, 25 minutes from Christine Brown’s new digs in Murray, Utah. They moved from St. George, where they had lived since their wedding day, in 2021.

Mykelti and Tony first became parents in April 2021. The couple welcomed a daughter, Avalon Padron. In November 2022, Mykelti gave birth to twins Archer Banks and Ace McCord Padron. She documented the pregnancy on Instagram.


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