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Sister Wives’ Janelle Feels Abandoned By Christine Amid New Relationship

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is starting to feel left out by her best friend, Christine, after finding the love of her life, David Woolley.


Janelle Brown from Sister Wives isn’t holding back her feelings when it comes to Christine Brown’s new relationship with the mother of six, revealing she feels abandoned. Janelle has always been the calmest of the Brown bunch, especially when dealing with interpersonal family relationships. Christine and Janelle have always been close, but there could be a rift forming as family dynamics shift.

A source close to Sister Wives‘ Janelle Brown shared some insight via the U.S. Sun about where Kody Brown’s second wife stands with her former best friend. Janelle reportedly feels “disgusted” with Christine’s new relationship with David Woolley, noting that Kody’s third wife is moving extremely fast. Since becoming a couple, Christine and David have posted numerous photos, but according to the source, Janelle can’t get behind the union. Both Christine and David have been living in a love bubble and aren’t ready for it to be popped.

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Repulsed By Christine’s Relationship

The Brown family’s source also told The Sun that Janelle allegedly finds the whole relationship “repulsive” and doesn’t believe David, who is a contractor in Utah, is a good match for her friend at all. Janelle is struggling with feelings of abandonment from the “whole Sister Wives covenant.” Janelle is going through her own separation from the father of 18 after she and Kody revealed in the tell-all back in December 2022 that they had split up.



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Janelle isn’t the only Brown family member questioning Christine’s new relationship, as her son, Paedon Brown, revealed that he would never be close to David. Unlike his sisters, Paedon felt that the father and grandfather was standoffish. Christine recently hit a major milestone with David as he introduced the Sister Wives

star to his daughter, Kati Charlene, and three grandsons. The couple made the 12-hour ride with Truely just for a short weekend. But it looks like the two families have blended well together.

As for Janelle, she has been keeping herself busy visiting her daughter Maddie Brown Bush in North Carolina. One reason for Janelle’s split was Kody’s icy relationship with their six children. The patriarch found it hard to accept his children’s criticism and often put the blame back on them. Even though Janelle and Christine may be having issues within their friendship, the two Sister Wives stars have been working on their Plexus side hustle and even promoting contests together. Janelle has yet to speak out about a possible rift, but TLC cameras could catch the tensions as Sister Wives season 18 has already begun to film.


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