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‘Sister Wives’: Gwendlyn Brown Accuses Robyn of Marrying Kody for ‘Self-Preservation’


Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown believes that Robyn Brown married her father, Kody Brown, for “self -preservation.” She suspects marrying Kody was a way for Robyn to ensure her kids from her previous marriage were cared for and “comfortable.”

Gwendlyn calls out Robyn for marrying Kody for wrong motives

On April 2, Gwendlyn answered fans’ questions on her Patreon account in a Q&A. One fan asked Gwendlyn what she thought Robyn’s intentions were for marrying Kody. “Do you think Robyn really wanted the family, or do you think she just wanted Kody and to be taken care of?” the fan asked.

“At this point, honestly, it feels like her intentions were just self-preservation and to keep her kids safe and comfortable,” Gwendlyn replied. “And I would say that if that was her intention, she succeeded,” she said. As of right now, Robyn is now the only wife of Kody.

In 2021, Christine divorced Kody, in 2022, Janelle separated from him, and in 2023, he and Meri agreed to “terminate” their marriage agreement. He even gave a spoiler for Sister Wives season 18 when he said that he and Robyn are “basically monogamous.”

Gwendlyn discusses Robyn wanting the ‘big family’

One fan pointed out that if Robyn did want the big family as she claimed for years, then why doesn’t she maintain relationships with her former sister wives and their children? “You mentioned at one point you hadn’t been in their home in years; what the heck? That doesn’t make sense,” the fan said.

“It’s definitely ironic,” Gwendlyn replied. “But it looks to me that Robyn just has different rules and expectations for how she would like people to behave in her home. And surprisingly enough, we all have personalities and opinions. And we’re not as easily controlled as she might prefer,” she said.

Gwendlyn claimed that Robyn and her father, Kody, have “shunned” the rest of the family. Robyn has also been accused of isolating her five children, Dayton, Aurora, Breanna, Solomon, and Ariella, from the rest of the family.


Kody and Robyn are currently estranged from all of his other 13 children besides Christine’s daughter, Mykelti Padron, claims Gwendlyn. She did invite them to her wedding to her partner Beatriz Queiroz, but doubts that they will show up because of the current family drama.

Robyn only wanted financial stability

In the family’s 2012 memoir, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, Robyn wrote about what she was looking for in a husband after her divorce from her first husband, David Preston Jessop. Robyn, the single mom of three children, craved financial stability more than anything.

“I knew that since I was a mother of three, my dates would be more like job interviews than romantic encounters. After all, any man who might court me needed to be up to the task of helping me raise my children,” Robyn wrote.

Robyn went on to describe the type of man she was looking for in husband number two.

“If and when I married again, I wouldn’t care the least bit what my husband looked like. None of the superficial stuff mattered to me anymore. My husband could be old or young, fay or skinny — I didn’t care as long as he was a good man and a good husband. I wanted someone whos sole priority was taking care of his family. I knew that anyone who was interested in this job would have to demonstrate himself thoroughly and competently as caring, unselfish, and strong.”

Robyn Brown

Many Sister Wives fans have suspected that Robyn married Kody for the money and the TV show. It will be interesting to see what happens next on Sister Wives Season 18 since each wife lives independently. Sister Wives Season 18 is rumored to premiere in September 2023.


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